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Hi Stuart,


“Prints Make Profits” is like nothing I have ever seen before. After doing some research like instructed, I purchased my first book. After listing them on eBay, I sold quite a few of the prints right away. I sold another group, then another. When you figure cost of book along with eBay fees, I made about $150.  I felt pretty good about this, because they are easy to list and sooooo easy to ship!


I was able to get a fantastic copy of ….............., and got them listed. They all sold, and my total profit after fees and material was over $200! And these are so fun to sell!


One of my best finds came from an estate auction where I was able to purchase ….......... but I will tell you I am at a profit of over $500, and I still have many prints to sell out of this group.


All in all, Stuart’s course is probably one of the best online income opportunities I’ve ever found. It’s fun, different, and will not cost you an arm and a leg to get started. Also, every time I have contacted Stuart with a question about something, he has responded right away, and has been a tremendous help. His customer service is impeccable.


So, if you’re looking to make money online, and feel like you have tried everything, look into Stuart’s course



Paul Hundrieser


Iowa USA

Testimonial HERE

Hi, Stuart


I just wanted to let you know I’m deeply grateful to you for helping me finally overcome my inertia and start actually selling prints from old books as you describe so well in your Prints Make Profits training.


For the past several months, in fact, I’d kept putting off for one reason or another trying to buy books with saleable prints, but in the last week or so everything has changed.


I’m definitely on my way, thanks to you!


My first book purchase was a rather beat-up copy of ….........., which I bought for about $25.00 (plus postage, from England) and which  contained 14 usable prints. Almost all of the prints turned out to be fine, albeit with a touch of age understandably, being 100+ years old (which I thought made them a bit more charming, actually, but that’s me).


On June 2 last I started listing the prints on Ebay this started a very exciting time in the Tuck household!


Now, a week later I’ve sold the first five prints for $15-25 each and one bidder who bought one of the first to sell is bidding on 4 more that go off EBay in a few days, so she can take advantage of the reduced combined postage—and one of those is over $25 now!


Also, I’ve been delighted to see that I’ve sold one print each so far to buyers in Great Britain, Italy and Australia and the rest to buyers here in the US.


Also, I don’t even have to take the prints to the Post Office if I don’t want to. The Postperson can just pick up the envelopes here at the house!


You have been simply wonderful with your time & expertise, a veritable font of encouragement, inspiration and practical advice, very succinctly given. You zoom right in on the weak parts of a listing and are always appraising it with buyer in mind. Plus, your over-all knowledge of vintage prints and aspects to selling them successfully is phenomenal and probably unequalled.


You’ve opened up several new worlds!


I really can’t praise you enough for the clarity (and fun!) you provide in Prints Make Profits, and most of all for your willingness and ability to provide guidance, technical and motivational, towards making this fascinating business work.


I really do think I’ve embarked on a life-changing journey, thanks to you.


Best regards,


Burnis Tuck


Fresno CA

So What Exactly is Included in This Mega Bundle?


Check out these amazingly lucrative niches that are included in my Mega Bundle;


Cecil Aldin – if you love horses and dogs then this is the niche for you!

The work of the English artist Cecil Aldin (1870 – 1935) is hugely popular on ebay. Aldin had a unique gift for capturing the character of his animal subjects. This course consists of 6 individual PDF guides that will show you exactly which books to target for the biggest profits!




Alice in Wonderland – one of the most popular titles of all time!

Alice in Wonderland is a huge ebay niche with over 9,000 weekly listings. Alice in Wonderland has been illustrated by many famous (and some not so famous) artists over the years but not all of them meet my criteria – my guide reveals the best regular seller and sets out a step by step process that you must follow to maximize your returns.


Erte – Beautiful fashion designs from this unique Art Deco designer!

I have researched FIVE different source books that are freely available online for ridiculously low prices - you can obtain these beautiful designs for cents and sell them for $10 - $15 PLUS!

You get all of my detailed ebay, Etsy and Terapeak research so that you know exactly what to buy and how to list them including a really clever way to encourage multiple purchases.







Top Secret Guide

The information in this guide is so valuable that I am keeping it under wraps – hence the title.


All I will say is that the featured book contains 100 fine art prints that fetched a combined total of $679.99 on ebay!


You can buy this book today for $10 (Yes, $10 - this is not a misprint)





The work of the little known, Art Nouveau illustrator Kay Nielsen is rapidly gaining popularity on ebay and Etsy – get in on the ground floor with this BONUS guide including a detailed analysis of 3 of Nielsen's most popular titles!


One Chance Only To Buy

This offer is strictly limited to protect these highly lucrative niches from over exposure so you will not see this offer again – you have only one opportunity to buy.


To recap, this is what you will get with my Prints Make Profits Niche Guide Mega Bundle;

Cecil Aldin, 6 PDF course VALUE $29.97

Alice in Wonderland Guide VALUE $19.97

Erte Guide VALUE $19.97

Top Secret Guide VALUE $19.97

PLUS the BONUS Kay Nielsen Guide VALUE $19.97

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Prints Make Profits Niche Guide Mega Bundle

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